Improve Brand’s Online Visibility

Be Heard in Digital Communications

Improve your company’s brand online visibility – Get found in the sea of digital communications

Content marketing, according to PR Newswire is a multi-million dollar industry, making it harder for you to stand out from the competition. Content marketing is one of the easiest marketing tactics to get discovered by prospective clients and stay relevant. Yes, we humans have a short attention span. Let’s add the expanded news channels that drone on and on. From traditional television, 24-hour news channels, newspapers to bloggers, opinion makers, and social media platforms – it’s difficult for us to keep up with what is really important.

More importantly, it’s become harder to trust anyone single news source. Today’s news even includes fashion bloggers, personalities like the Kardashian’s and the weather channel.

As a company, how can we break through the online clutter? The following marketing tactics will help us better manage our online brand image.  The following will also help to effectively create a buzz so that the right audiences hear us.

Public Relations

Consider the strength of the press release and investing in public relations. Still today, the press release has a strong influence on all audiences. It not only helps your brand name to be found online, but it can also influence third parties to write about your news, establishing authenticity created by a trusted third-party that reaches your consumers directly.

Content Marketing

Content Creation: If you can post relevant, engaging and original content for your website and at least 16 posts per month and guest post on a popular blog, you are golden. I know it is hard to make content creation a priority, especially for a traditional B2B company or even as a jewelry designer. Your focus and expertise are in developing product electrical components and beautiful gold jewelry. However, if you found that your best leads come from your website, you should start to consider adding content creation to your marketing activities.

Event Marketing: Have you noticed, the greater the community, the more likely there will be an event to bring these like-minded people together? Event marketing also includes online contests, Twitter chats and collaboration with other bloggers on a variety of projects including conferences, book launches and casual meet-ups.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This single investment – to make your website be seen on page one in Google – can mean the difference between profitable sales to closing your company. Do your homework before plunging in as SEO is a costly investment.

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