Why Strategic Consultants Provide Value


If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re wondering if bringing on a strategic consultant will provide value for your company’s growth.

Just like board members who provide counsel on many business challenges to the president of a company – a strategic consultant also offers insight and advice to the president or CMO on areas from communication efforts, strategic drivers of growth to brand value programs.

Which brings us to why strategic consultants provide an excellent value for your company.

why strategic consultants provide value

Working in different industries, company size and for the 13 years working as a marketing director/consultant has allowed me to be involved in strategic meetings. More importantly, my mandate was to present the initial marketing plan that included goals for growth, strategies and brand value. This would follow with senior management asking a series of questions and reviewing the numbers.

As a result, it is my background, education, expertise and yes, even my personality that makes up the role of a strategic consultant. But, how does this help you? Read on!

we see your vision at 30k feet high

  1. As a strategic consultant, our role brings together strategy, tactics, branding, communications, public relations and measurement. In other words, the marketing plan.
  2. We have the hands-on expertise, built on successes and yes, a few failures on all the tactics, we have the skillset to evaluate and strengthen your current marketing strategies whether you are in B2B or B2C and provide the necessary feedback and counsel to make the strategy work.
  3. Information gathering, understanding market insights, political junkies, always learning and keeping up-to-date with new tactics, like social media and mobile advertising is not part of our job, it’s who we are.
  4. No bu*ls*.it, seriously. We don’t do the inbound/outbound conversation creating fear that ‘one tactic is outdated’.  We don’t sell only B2B marketing strategies because there isn’t just a thing. A marketing strategy is a marketing strategy and selecting a marketing strategy should be based on what works for your company. Anyone who tells you differently, run for the hills.
  5. More importantly, we evaluate each tactic based on your resources, SWOT and our own propriety process – creating a customized marketing plan.   

Get more than a single marketing automation software!

Marketing automation software is great. But people are more than technology. The idea that a single marketing automation software can neatly wrap-up your target market into three clicks, one download and a webinar equates to a hot lead is rather simplistic.

Your target market is not a homogenous, one size fits all group of people. Without market insights, competitive intelligence and trends in your segment, it’s impossible to establish effective marketing plans and initiatives.

Providing long-lasting foundation

  1. Looking at all sides of the investment. Strategic consultants should not be affiliated with any particular technology, supplier or product and if they are, they need to provide full disclosure.
  2. Getting to the real problem. Too many programs fail due to other reasons not related to the actual program. If you’re ready, we provide honest and practical advice to make sure that your next program will be a success.
  3. Training staff to be sustainable. There is no point in hiring a strategic consultant who drains your resources. We ensure that along the way, we provide as much advice and know-how to you and your team. We can even train your team on social media, email marketing, trade show management, telemarketing and other tactics.
  4. Starting from experience. We’ve been there, creating press releases, contacting media, driving buzz and yet no sales. We know it takes more than targeting the right audience with the right message to drive success.
  5. Leaving you with templates. We don’t just talk, leave a report and move on to the next client. We provide you with templates, resources, mentor your staff and tips on why things work.
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