Do you know your social media mix?

Digital Marketing Mix

If you’ve followed us for sometime, we’ve been proponents of getting on one social media platform at a time, learn it well and then move on to the second one.

While we do still suggest this for companies who aren’t quite sure in how to get started with their social brand mix, the price of admission has increased rapidly and you now need to expand to other platforms…today.

Even for those of you who still just using the top 3 popular platforms, you should seriously consider expanding to many more platforms, like Pinterest, Instragram, create your own TV channel via YouTube and add another blog platform, like Tumblr.

That’s because each new social media platform brings its own benefits by way of expanded and new audience and the opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility. Social Media platforms also help with SEO!

Don’t forget to try to create original content in each platform. This doesn’t mean an original blog post for each social media platform, rather original content for each platform promoting the same blog post.

This not only keeps your audience engaged, you can test which message was the most popular and to which audience.

In addition, socializing on many platforms can create for exciting promotions or contests. Again, remember that each platform, like advertising, should have its own dedicated message. Remember, the message is the medium.

Finally, take advantage of linking as many social media platforms as you can to get the word out more effectively. Sounds like I’m contracting myself? You’re right!

Once published, your blog post, press release or other content should go out automatically to many platforms. Then, if you need to promote this particular content, this is where each social media platform should have its own unique blurb, tweet or highlight.

And, remember to have fun!

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