How to Get Press, the right way

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Green-Apple - the marketing boutique pr servicesOn a tight budget but need to get some media attention? This post will help you get press from main stream media and social media.

First, get your elevator speech ready. Don’t make it about selling your product. It needs to be solution based. What problem do you solve? What makes you different from the competition? What market do you serve that is currently not being served by anyone else?

The next thing you need to do is gather the type of media that fits your product or service. Create a media document on an excel that includes contact info, what they write about, type of magazine.  All the necessary information related to their magazine or blog so you can quickly review it before you make the phone call.

B2B industries have it easier since they have focused trade magazines always looking for a story to give to their readers. However, for a consumer product or service, like jewelry designer, non-profit or a wellness coach, you will need to find the right magazines from main stream and social media, which is obviously, a larger choice.

Social media can include popular fashion bloggers, foodies and other bloggers that write about trends and industry news that fit your product or service.

The third point is track your competitors, where have they been showcased recently? And, why? Was it a paid advertisement or an exclusive feature on them? If it was a feature or a plug, then get ready to contact this magazine and introduce yourself.

Here are a few pitch ideas:

  1. Tie in your product or service with current trend
  2. Highlight industry needs and what ‘exactly’ you offer to serve this need
  3. Editorial highlight coming up (you saw from their editorial calendar) and wanted to know more about the article, to see if your product would be a good fit.
  4. Introduce your company and that you would be happy to give them your photos for upcoming article (they will give you photo credit)
  5. Invite them to your next trade show, event or product launch
  6. Ask if you can send them a sample and then follow-up

The goal is to be a resource and showcase your value to their readers. You need to answer the question, why do they need to get to know you? If you can answer this question based on providing a need, then you will have a better success in getting a conversation going with the journalist.

How to spin a story

Something simple as: Talk about their latest article while providing added-value, “I read in your article that you mentioned this summer would be…. I totally agree but I also find that no one talks about…..”

Things to remember:

  1. Be nice, don’t be pushy or call with expectations. They have a job to do, like everyone else.
  2. Thank them for their time.
  3. Ask permission to send them news about your company, “can I send you our press releases from time to time?”
  4. Know their magazine before you call them. Order a media kit and go through a couple of issues and review their editorial calendar.

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  1. Very good tips, especially the area of how to pitch a story. I just need to build my confidence and get on the phone!


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