Top 5 Social Media Best Practice: May 2014

I put a date on this post because social media changes so fast that by next year, this post may be outdated. We may look back and laugh. But for today, right at this moment, here are our personal Best Practice for Social Media.

  1. LinkedIn: Attention Human Resources: Do not ask to connect on LinkedIn just to check out the profile. If he/she asks about the status of the position, please respond. LinkedIn is not your HR tool, it is a networking tool for us.
  2. LinkedIn: Attention Sales People: Folks, remember to keep it interesting. I know you have a trade show and a new brochure and a new product. How about sharing some other interesting stuff besides your company? No? Then, I will click “HIDE” and now I won’t get any updates from you.
  3. LinkedIn: Groups: If a group member suggests to ‘let’s connect and expand our network’ and we go crazy linking with each other, then what?  Add a small bio in the introduction, your location or if you’ll be at a certain event, try to get the conversation going.
  4. Twitter: Why follow and then un-follow? Do you really think we don’t know what you are doing. We know, we know. You are just trying to get high number of followers so you can sell you stuff. Surprise, we all want to do that! If we all did that – s.o.c.i.a.l. would not work. Get it, it is social first.
  5. Twitter: Why is it always about you? Twitter is the perfect example of sharing, you need to share on Twitter. Stop the nonsense of always making it about you. It is called engagement.

Facebook: I have no comments for Facebook. Facebook is like home. Catching up with cousins who moved away, checking out the gossip and getting frustrated with your friend who won’t stop boasting how wonderful her family life is. In between all that, you check out your favorite magazine and shop. What’s not to like.

Instagram: I have to get on this one. It is fabulous. I just love all those ‘instant’ photos, friends hugging, behind the scenes…just love it. But I’m not a picture taker, so…

Pinterest: What a time waster. On the other hand, what a way to spend your time. All those talented people who freely share their designs, styles, lifestyle and thoughts. The good news, there is no chatter. It is all about your personal likes.

Alright, so what are the key takeaways here? They are:

  1. Do Network
  2. Start a Conversation
  3. Be Social
  4. Let’s Share
  5. Create Engagement

See you later!

One Comment on “Top 5 Social Media Best Practice: May 2014

  1. I think the best platform for networking is LinkedIn. I agree, it can get frustrating the way people use it without consideration of the other person.

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