Increase Sales Using Social Media

Increase sales using social media

Everyone asks, is it possible to increase sales using social media? We all want to know!


  1. Legitimate engagement. Engage with your follows, don’t just shoot out self-promotions, your own product news and things that are only relevant to your company. Take the time to answer questions on Facebook, and scan your community’s  Twitter feed, if you find something that is relevant for your community, you should retweet it or give a shout-out. The goal is to start a conversation that goes both ways.
  2. Show knowledge and competence. This can include showing the design process, testimonials, how you test a new product or even photos of your new location.
  3. Have a mission. Social media combines your vision, brand promotion, community, customer service and corporate social responsibility altogether. As a result, social media is a great platform to show what your company believes and supports, whether it is supporting local schools or technological development in your industry – do show your support on social media.
  4. Invite guest writers. There is something very intriguing when you invite industry leaders to write for your blog. In that, if you can score an industry leader to write for your readers and get original content at the same time, it’s always a win-win.
  5. Write for others. The same is true when you are a guest blogger. This helps build your brand trust and your online brand presence.
  6. Be aggressive. Yup, it’s true. You need to be online consistently if you are not blogging at least 16 times a month, you need to be on your social media platforms daily. But if you don’t implement the points we mentioned above, your time spent online will be worthless. 


Proper Website Design: Now that you’ve all this, you need to make sure you have a great website. Website design has changed tremendously over the last couple of years. We’ve become more knowledgeable on how people buy online and while we will expand on this top in another post, for this post do the following: when selling a service people don’t like to click on many pages, the growing popularity is to have a scrolling page.

However, when selling products and people click on an item do not have other products showing on a sidebar, instead have them at the bottom of the page.

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