Top Seven Things You Must Do At Trade Show

Things You must do at Trade Shows

Trade-show-Ebook-Mar2014-The-Marketing-Boutique-website-imageTrade shows are an expensive commitment and we’ve seen many companies who ‘simply show up’, believing in build it and they will come adage.

For a select few, that could be true. However, for most of us there is a lot of preparation work that goes into having a successful trade show.


  1. Location, location, location: If you are starting out and it will be the first time exhibiting at a certain trade shows, landing a good location maybe tough. Some shows work on a point system, others do not. Sometimes, early registration can help you get the location you want.
  2. Call, email, promote before the show: Insist that everyone one of your staff to call all potential clients, media and even the show organizers to stop by your booth. Just this tactic will help tremendously if you happen to get a lousy location.
  3. Smile: So simple and so inviting. People at trade shows are actually tried and sometimes a little shy about entering your booth. Smile and ask how they like the show!
  4. Owner, Inventor or Designer Be at the Booth: There is something engaging when attendees at the show know that at the booth there is the actual designer of
  5. Perception is everything: Look sharp, look different and be positive. Forget those cheesy shirts with the logos, go for a black well-fitted suit. Remember, perception is everything at trade shows! There was one boss I worked for, who once arrived at a trade show sweaty because she had to put in her hour of exercise, so she decided to bike to the show.
  6. Arrive early: Don’t be still setting up one hour before the show, ugh. It just shows you are small time and have no idea of what perception means.
  7. Mingle: Walk the floor, talk to the competition, speak with organizers. You will get a lot of industry info which can help you make other decisions for your company.

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