When wrong people lead marketing communications


We have a marketing communications problem. There are too many people who are in the wrong place in their professional lives. This is affecting your daily life, your business, your finances and not in a good way!

Promoting Loyalty Not Expertise

Here is story number one, which I’m sure most of you can relate. Bill (fictional name) has a computer engineering degree and about five years ago Company Z, a software company hired Bill to be their software trainer.  This role is the after-sales touch point to help customers adopt the software faster and use the software properly.

Bill learns the software quickly and in less than one year, the company promotes Bill to be their Sales and Marketing Manager! Right now you should be scratching your head thinking, “huh?!”

This Sales and Marketing Manager role oversees lead generation, sales strategy implementation, integrated marketing and communications planning, product pricing, software demonstrations, market development as well as up-selling and cross-selling more features and services – I think you get it. Outside of customer technical support and product development, Bill has taken over the rest of the company.

When there is no sales and marketing expertise

What do you think happens next?

  1. High-turnover: Because Bill lacks the necessary expertise, he unabashedly hires people with more knowledge than him without telling them the truth. He tries to lead but his staff feel more used than a part of something great thereby creating distrust in the company. 
  2. High-turnover: Since Bill is still learning, he doesn’t know how to evaluate his people properly, important departments experience 100% turnover.
  3. High-turnover: Bill never acknowledges work well done because he doesn’t get it, doesn’t get good leadership means spreading the love around. Instead he is the receiver of negativity, frustration and apathy by his staff.
  4. High-turnover: Over-worked, busy putting out fires and a bottle neck, Bill can’t see what it needed to help move the company forward. The company stagnates.

Average companies believe that it is better to hire people with technical skills and the sales and marketing will just come naturally. Great companies believe it is better to hire sales and marketing experts and they will learn the product.

Truth is, a great salespeople can and will sell anything. The same thing holds true for marketing. Marketing people blessed with skill can see the company’s vision and will design a marketing plan based on what’s right for the company and not based on their ego.

Hiring Marketing Manager With No Expertise In Marketing Or Management

This trend needs to stop. You see this popular trend with startups and small companies who think they can hire newly graduated people give them these large titles and low ball their salary because they have no experience.

No marketing communications experience, no candy!

What’s the problem with this, you’re wondering? Lots and lots of time wasted and that’s money lost for the company! But they are learning on the job! I’ll tell you what the company is learning, they are leaning how to miss an opportunity, what is means to respond slowly, how it affects their bottom like when they have the inability to read the competition correctly and that annoying, Hey, we’re here friendly shout out on social media doesn’t fix everything.

What about you? Have you ever been at a company where the wrong person was leading marketing communications department?

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