Email Marketing: how to reduce opt-outs

Ever wonder if there was an ideal number of newsletters you should email for your particular business that would increase sales?

Email-opt-outs-the-marketing-boutiqueThis free, online email opt-out calculator will do the number crunching for you. It will calculate the revenue lost due to email opt-outs and the ideal email sends you need to adjust to retain customers, which in turn should increase the average sale.

It is an optimization tool that calculates to find the ‘right number of emails’ for a better email marketing program and at the same time, reduce the cost of over-emailing.

To compliment this optimization tool, you should also look for these factors to reduce email opt-outs:

  • Examine customer (not email) opt-out rates over time.
  • Review both sides, the number of new emails generated at a point of time (sales, promotions, etc) and the churn occurring from your in-house database.
  • Assess historical data on engagement (opens and clicks) and response (sales).

Optimization tools like the Email Opt-Out Calculator Tool, will help you to make decisions based on data.  This could mean simply reducing your emails by one, which could prove to provide a large payoff when adopted.

Your thoughts?

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