Five Important Digital Marketing Must-Do for Better SEO

I’m sure most of you are already familiar with Digital Marketing. However, with the few important changes that has happened last year with Google’s search algorithm and with social media now an important business tactics….

Marketing your business online has become a full-time job. For this post, we will pare it down to the most important steps you need to do today.

The first thing you need to check if your site is listed on Google. To check, If it is not there, do add it.

The next item on hand is to fix your website

  • Remove any broken links,
  • Replace duplicate content
  • Increase the speed of your site. Increasing the speed will mean you need to upgrade your server and even change your web hosting companies.

In addition, to increase your online brand presence, ask yourself, “what do you want to accomplish” and I’m sure your response is the same as all of us, sales or increase lead generation!

The third item is to do a content face lift on your website. This will mean that you have to add more quality content, freshen up content on regular pages and adjust your contact page. Ideally, posts, articles and editorials should concentrate on a couple of topics only as this will help build your online authority.

Fourth point is to include anchor terms, such as Strategy or Marketing Strategy and build a variety of articles around this term.

And, our fifth point is to show you five more must-do for better SEO

  1. Organic Search: In addition to adding more relevant content to your website, making sure you have quality back links is more important than ever.
  2. Local offerings: if most of your customers are local, then add a GeoTag on your website. Another great SEO tactic. If you don’t know how to do this, ask your web designer.
  3. Local Directories: Add your site to local directories. You can do a search, like Montreal Business Directory or Vintage Dresses Toronto to find the right directories and to get you started. Most of these are free or may require a small fee to get listed.
  4. Social Media: Implement the major four social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. If you are in fashion or retail, then Pinterest and Instagram are very popular platforms. To save you time you can integrate them all so you can do one post for all platforms. However, do note that each medium should have different blurb, post or tweet for the same article or special you want to promote.
  5. Email Marketing: Most important, you want to capture emails as this will give you the advantage of creating close relationship with your target audience and provide exclusive deals just for this group.  

Your thoughts?

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