Top Brand Building Tips

Top-5-Brand-Brand-Building-Tips-The-Marketing-BoutiqueAfter 5 years in the marketing consulting business and at the same time, blogging for just a long we thought we would put together our best 5 posts we’ve written on Brand Building since the launch of The Marketing Boutique. These posts are not only still relevant today, these posts provide solid insight in how to develop your brand strategy for a successful product or service.

Branding and when it is not

The internet has caused a lot of confusion on what’s a brand strategy. Creativity is only one-third of a great brand. In this blog post we highlight target messaging and why its important to know your competitor’s brand position.

Promoting The Brand

What makes your brand special and why? Can you state your brand’s competitive advantage in 5 words? In this post, we show three specific areas that need to be defined that helps to promote your brand.

Grow Your Business By Knowing

You want to increase your advertising this year but unsure if it’s the right move.  You are not alone, almost every company comes to their brand strategy meeting with doubts about the right direction. Here we show you how to grow your business by understanding your customer’s needs and then you can develop your product portfolio based on these needs.

Three Hard Goals on How to Achieve A Success Company

Not a single marketing agency will venture into discussing how your leadership will affect your brand’s success. Our 360 view of a company is what makes us different, just take a look at this blog post where we invite Caroline Adams Miller to discuss how ‘get happy’ can make for a great company!

Making The Connection, The Brochure, Content and the Design

This blog post came from our lovely trip to California. For years, I was in love with the Napa Valley lifestyle, believing every bit of what I read from their brochures and advertising. As we drove away, leaving Napa Valley, I looked back and felt content that their branding did not disappoint.

Your thoughts?

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