Marketing Plan: Documenting Your Company’s Future


Marketing Plan, Why You Need To Plan For The Future

What will your business look like in one year from now? In 5 years from today? How many times have you asked this question?  More importantly, can you articulate your vision into words?

Many people are ambitious and are gusty enough to open a business, but are unsure how ‘to get there’.  They sell aggressively and are busy doing, thinking that when they have enough money, that is when they will have the time to formulate a marketing plan.

Selling aggressively can sometimes lead to problems if there is no strategy tied to selling and if selling aggressively forces the company to be all things to all customers, this can actually weaken a company by developing too many products and services.  This will dilute resources and efforts, trying to serve too many markets and not being strong in any.

Sure, some do succeed and create successful companies, but I’m sure they will tell you it wasn’t easy.  However, more often businesses will be unprofitable and will stop growing.

Put it on Paper

Problem is, being busy without a clear vision is being busy for busy sake. Putting your vision into words will help you to understand how much time will be required from you to get your business to match your vision.

Now you are not just doing, you and your business are working towards building your vision! 

Get everyone involved

Looking at the people around your business meeting today, is your staff aware of what your business will look like in five years from now?  What about your spouse?  Get them involved.  And, be open to changes and suggestions even if you are 100% convinced you are on the right path.

Build a road map

Better yet, put your vision as a road map and put it in a place where everyone can see it. This will help to engage your staff and get them to make the right decisions.

Make sure to include measurable steps and small wins along the way, to keep everyone involved.  Small wins will also help you stay focused and motivated.


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