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The three-part piece on how to achieve a successful life through a positive outlook will be available free on The Marketing Boutique website.

Montreal, July 25, 2013 – The Marketing Boutique, a growing brand reputation management agency announce today, The Positive Work Life, a three-part editorial on achieving personal and work-life happiness, written exclusively by Caroline Adams Miller for The Marketing Boutique.

Caroline Adams Miller, one of North America’s most exciting and popular Happiness Coaches, will write an exclusive three-part piece starting with an insight on the personal self and finishing with the third article on how to achieve happiness in the work place; all three articles to be published for September 2013.

These insightful and helpful articles will draw from Caroline’s coaching expertise and psychology discipline in the area of happiness, positivity and leadership.  In addition, Caroline will give practical tips that enhance well-being for greater productivity in the work place.

Theresa Perin, Director for The Marketing Boutique states, “These articles present current leadership conversations in today’s business, in particular how to manage and lead using positive psychology in the workplace.  And, that’s because we all want to feel happy in our personal life and equally satisfied in our work life.”

This three-part piece will be available on The Marketing Boutique’s website and available free.  Interested readers should subscribe to receive our newsletter and stay up-to-date,


Certified Professional Coach
Best-selling Author
Media Personality
Keynote Speaker & Teacher

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University, a graduate of CoachU, and a credentialed coach through the International Coach Federation. In May 2006, she graduated from the ground-breaking  Masters in Applied Positive Psychology program at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ms. Miller’s published books include “My Name is Caroline” (Doubleday, Gurze, iUniverse), “Feeding the Soul” (Bantam, Gurze, iUniverse), “Bright Words for Dark Days” (Bantam) and “Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide” (Sterling 2009). The best selling and repeatedly in reprint, “Creating Your Best Life” is offered in hardback, paperback and available in seven languages.  Her sixth book, “Positively Caroline,” published in May 2009, and breaks new ground in the world of addiction treatment and Positive Psychology.

Caroline consults with organizations in how to bring happier and more fulfilling lives in new ways and in the workforce.  For more information on Ms. Miller’s coaching and speaking  services, visit

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