I recently attended a social media seminar here in Montreal.  Its aim was to showcase how some companies successfully engaged the consumer in this new way.  Personally, I was hoping to learn a few new tactics or trends for small B2B companies who are in a very competitive market and sell me-too products.

However, the focus on the seminar was on consumer products and retailers, in particular building client loyalty, using it as a customer service tool and increasing sales by way of referrals.

I’m sure you knew this already, as did we!

Key take away points were:

1. Be consistent.  If your company has a formal environment, then posts, plugs, brand visuals and other items should also reflect this character trait.  You can read more about this in our previous post, “Guide to Establishing Leadership in the Digital World.”

2. Promotions.  Create dedicated promotions only available on your social media platforms to generate activity, noise, talking, likes and pass-along.    

3. Establish goals.  While this point, when presented, was a big foggy, I do understand the need to establish a goal prior to launching any program.  For example: In 2013, I want to increase my FB likes so I can leverage this platform in the area of client loyalty.

4. Respond.  Respond to all comments and likes.  These platforms are collaborative platforms and participatory tools, which means you need to establish a process of who responds and when.  

In the area of getting found online for retailers and local shops:

1. Add geotag.  Add this feature in your contact page of your website as it will help your site’s ranking for those ‘local searches’.

2. List on local directories. You will find these by simply searching online, example, “Canada Shopping Directory“.

3. Organic search.  Remember to add local key words in your website to enhance SEO; such as Montreal, Toronto sales office, HO is in Mtl, Quebec and so on.

Why is this important?  Because many people search online for local business.  We do it all the time.

Oh, you are probably wondering what about small B2B companies?  Just as I suspected, most of the current Social Media platforms are not a good fit for small B2B companies.  Funny enough, there were lots of other companies attending the seminar who were hoping for the same – find the secret sauce in Social Media for B2B businesses.  

After an engaging discussion, everyone agreed that LinkedIn was the best platform for small B2B companies but it wasn’t the lead generator as traditional methods (i.e. trade shows, cold calling, newsletter and so on).  

Which now leads me to think, what next?  What’s the next big idea?  I’ve got my thinking cap on….. 

Happy marketing!

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I am a marketing communications specialist, strategist, problem solver and founder of The Marketing Boutique. Services also include competitive analysis, public relations, content marketing to help companies reach their business goals.

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