What is a marketing strategy?

Marketing Strategy and Consulting Services

What is a Marketing Strategy?

Below this post, you will find a 30-second video that asks the question, What is a marketing strategy?

An important question to ask in today’s business. Many people know how to develop a newsletter, what are trade shows and get a sales team together but forget to spend time in developing a robust market analysis, competitive report and company brand vision that are the foundations to a solid plan.

Marketing Strategy Makes Decisions

A Marketing Strategy answers questions and forces you, to make decisions for your company. Yes, too many design their success based on their products. Forcing a company to become narrow minded and looking only at maximum output. More companies are basing their company’s progress on a simple understanding of marketing tactics. Taking software applications like email technologies and because of the ease in its plug and play, believe it is a strategy.

Too Many Me-Too Companies

The result is it creates too many “me-too” companies. Or new technology start-ups with substantial funding but little market research. Without a marketing strategy then – everyone is doing the same thing – like you.

Marketing Strategy Creates Competitive Advantage

Bu asking questions, like “How can we serve our customers better?” will give you the mindset of a brand leader. Instead of existing to make your numbers, your companies exist to serve a greater purpose.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course, a company needs to be profitable. A marketing strategy will push you to move away from a cost-centre mentality to a customer-centred force your clients will love and competition will have a hard time keeping pace.


[Updated February 2018]
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