Better Sales: Get It Right With A Marketing Plan

As much as I don’t want to bore you with all the trials and tribulations of being a new Mom (okay, maybe in my next post), I have one important question for businesses, which came to me as a result of my tiresome maternal adventures: “Do you want my money or not?”

A giant whack on the side of the head came to me because my life turned upside down with this whole parenting thing.  Being a new mom means I only get three, non-consecutive hours of sleep, get on with my day, and I still need to buy stuff.

So, which business got my money?

The answer is simple: whoever made it easiest for me to shop.

Simplify the sale

  • Test New Sales Channels. Just like your best sales performers, your business should also be in forwarding motion, always finding ways to make the sales process better, faster and easier and should even be part of your company’s brand character!
  • Speedy Service. Shopping is a personal experience wrapped in a moving train. Being rushed means your customers will not jump through hoops to buy your goods – get me through the cash – fast.
  • Options, Options and Options. Make it easy for your customer to choose you by offering ample payment options, adding helpful staff and great hours doesn’t hurt either!  We recently wrote an article on retail trends and how successful businesses today use multi sales channels to stay profitable.
  • Promote. If you have more than one way to sell your products compared to your competitors, then market yourself as such.
  • Focus On What You Sell, How You’re Selling It: Enough said.

Be the obvious choice for your customer

  • Review and Document Your Sales Process: Make sure everyone in your company is aware of the sales process. Also ensure that your CRM is set-up to support customer support issues quickly.
  • Train Staff.  Add to your selling training modules that speed and efficiency are important for your customers.  Create a customer service policy that states there should be no more than 3 people waiting in line at your cash at any time, and even that could be too many people depending on your store.
  • Speak to me.  No, not me, speak to your customer.  Don’t leave them alone with their thoughts, waiting in line and getting frustrated while you believe you’ve done your job and you are off to the next sale.  (You can speak to me, too!)
  • Be Fluid: Today’s customer’s buying journey comes from everywhere. From the traditional brick and mortar stores, online, email to your phone, – your buyer wants to buy when and how they want. Don’t forget to trade their influencers in your sales process mapping.
  • Embrace Technology: At least know what’s out there and ask, can it help my business?

Lastly, write up your sales and marketing strategy! Start with a list of issues you’ve were tracking the year before and prioritize which ones should be dealt with on a quarterly bases. Remember, a marketing plan integrates everything you do, strategy, competitive weakness, trends, forecasts, sales, marketing, and digital to help grow your company.

A strategic marketing plan is not a static document that gets tossed in a drawer once it’s written, it is probably one of the most important documents in your company.


[Post Updated: August 29, 2018]