“As a young Marketing Professional this Trade Show Budget Template is like having a marketing veteran on my team!  It is a great tool for any small business that wants to stay competitive.”

– Marketing Associate, Patricia Capuci

“I really appreciated the analysis section.  It has helped me be better prepared for my trade show meetings and make decisions based on a well-rounded view of trade shows.”

– Customer Service Director, Marisa Sutherland

“My husband and I run our own business and I was looking for a budget template that would help me understand where I should be spending my money. This trade show budget template is excellent. I also appreciate that the team was available to answer all my questions!”

– Sales Director, Maureen Kristakurmar


Are you realizing your best leads, opportunities and sales come from your trade shows and events but unsure how to manage your conferences?

Or, are you spending money on event after another event and you can’t seem to put together a plan based on objectives, concrete numbers, cost-per-lead and budget analysis?

So many businesses want to develop a proper and standard management process for each trade show but always look to finance to take control when it comes to budgetary analysis for trade shows.

But it’s not their show!


Get a Solid Understanding of Trade Show Elements

Understanding the key elements of a trade show and how each one relates to each other is a key area we’ve put together.  It is about putting all the necessary and important items in a structured framework, ready to integrate with your business and other promotions.


A concise, working trade show budget with sample and analysis applicable for any trade show size, location and style. This template can also be used for all other promotions including conferences, special events, product launches and seminars.

What’s inside!

Budget Template: a working template on an excel sheet, ready-to-go for your upcoming trade show or conference.  Most importantly, it is flexible to fit any size company and important event, trade show or conference.  Get started on cost control, budget development and measurement.

Sample Budget: we created a fictional company that has been to a trade show and back!  You will be able to review this company’s costs, the trade show elements and how these elements relate to each other and how you can use these elements to your competitive advantage.

AnalysisAn entire page dedicated to financial and budget analysis.  We’ve developed the analysis based on a fictional company’s trade show including lead management, cost-per-lead and more!

Trade Show Break-Down:  An important tool that lets you evaluate the variable and fixed costs, cost-per-lead and overall financial investment per event.  It also compares each trade show element with the same trade show the year before and if any of these sections have increased and why!


This budget template can also be used for any event, at any size. Applicable for conferences, webinars and seminars. It also come with budgetary analysis to help you evaluate and control costs for future trade shows and events.

A value of $150.00 or more! We’ve packed many years of hands-on expertise, we took all the questions and concerns and we’ve made sure it looks professional and presentable, all in this nifty little tool!

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This is a tool for any business or an entrepreneur looking to develop best practices with its annual marketing programs.

Maybe you’re a company that does lots of client events or seminars, presents at conferences across the pond, or exhibiting at a new trade show.

But no matter what kind of event your business has going-forward – this budget template works for all. Purchase the Trade Show Template today.

About the Author Cecilia

I am a marketing communications specialist, strategist, problem solver and founder of The Marketing Boutique. Services also include competitive analysis, public relations, content marketing to help companies reach their business goals.