Jamie Wolfe Joins The Marketing Boutique

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Marketing Strategy Consultant and Leadership Management

With over 9 years of retail industry expertise, a recently completed MBA from Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, a natural organiser with a ‘get-it-done’ personality, Jamie is ready to help you build your leadership style! Because of her passion for retail, Jamie looks to expand our retail clients.

You will also find Jamie on our blog. She will discuss her passion for retail, everything retail and specifically retail store operations, her specialty!  She will also write about Social Media Marketing tactics and its role in retail as well as current leadership and management styles.

Jamie Wolfe’s Background

Jamie is presently the Head of Retail Operations for one of North America’s leading eco-friendly cloth diaper manufacturer, also specialising in modern maternity and children’s products. Jamie leads a team dedicated to supporting eco-moms and dads who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint and want to leave greener earth to their children.

Young, focused and a great people-person, we are very excited to welcome Jamie to The Marketing Boutique! We’re a small agency, but we’re with you all the way.


Please contact Jamie contact via our contact page below or at info(at)themarketingboutique.net. You can also find her on Twitter, @wolfetoday.

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